Van Peteghem - Lauriot Prévost 146'

Length overall 146'
Maximum beam 50'1''
Draft 8'2'' - 19'7''
Estimated displacement 160 t
Air Draft 167'
Guests 8/10 persons
Crew 6 persons

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Berret-Racoupeau 100'

Length overall 102'4''
Maximum beam 42'8''
Draft 4'6'' - 14'5''
Estimated displacement 70 t
Air Draft 144'4''
Guests 8/10 persons
Crew 4/6 persons

  • Van Peteghem - Lauriot Prévost 100'

    Length overall 102'3''
    Maximum beam 42''
    Draft 8'2"
    Estimated displacement 90 t
    Air Draft 124'
    Guests 10 persons
    Crew 4 persons

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    Dixon Yacht Design 95'

    Length overall 95'1''
    Maximum beam 41'1''
    Draft 7'9''
    Estimated displacement 85 t
    Air Draft 116'3''
    Guests 8/10 persons
    Crew 3/4 persons

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    Philippe Briand 90'

    Length overall 90'1''
    Maximum beam 42'8''
    Draft 7'3''
    Estimated displacement 90 t
    Air Draft 124'8''
    Guests 6/8 persons
    Crew 4 persons

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    Van Peteghem - Lauriot Prévost 80'

    Length overall 78'9''
    Maximum beam 38'2''
    Draft 4'11'' - 14'9''
    Estimated displacement 40 t
    Air Draft 110'11''
    Guests 6/7 persons
    Crew 2/3 persons

    Philippe Briand 80'

    Length overall 78'8''
    Maximum beam 39'4''
    Draft 6'11''
    Estimated displacement 55-60 t
    Air Draft 111'7''
    Guests 8 persons
    Crew 4 persons

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    Berret-Racoupeau 76'

    Length overall 77'11''
    Maximum beam 37'5''
    Draft 5'5''
    Estimated displacement 39 t
    Air Draft 118'1''
    Guests 8/9 persons
    Crew 4/5 persons

  • Berret-Racoupeau 160' - Power

    Length overall 160'
    Maximum beam 50'1''
    Draft 8'2''
    Estimated displacement 370 t
    Power 3,500 hp
    Fuel capacity 18,500 US Gal
    Cruising speed 24 kn*
    Max speed 28 kn*
    Air Draft 42'
    Guests 10 persons
    Crew 6 persons
    * Speed to be confirmed by further calculation and tank testing.  

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    Dixon Yacht Design 100' - Power

    Length overall 98'10''
    Maximum beam 36''
    Draft 6'7''
    Estimated displacement 100 t
    Power 2 x 800 hp
    Fuel capacity 5,284 US Gal
    Cruising speed 13 kn*
    Max speed 18-20 kn*
    Air Draft 36'1''
    Guests 10/12 persons
    Crew 6 persons
    * Speed to be confirmed by further calculation and tank testing. 

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  • Van Peteghem - Lauriot Prévost 85' - Power

    Length overall 85'3''
    Maximum beam 32'8''
    Draft 3'3''
    Estimated displacement 70 t
    Power 2 x 1,500 hp
    Fuel capacity 3,170 US Gal
    Cruising speed 15 kn*
    Max speed 25 kn*
    Air Draft 26'
    Guests 10 persons
    Crew 2 persons
    * Speed to be confirmed by further calculation and tank testing. 

    The intention

    Lagoon custom par CNB: une filiation naturelle et exceptionelle.

    Lagoon, the world’s largest builder of cruising catamarans, has had its ‘‘large’’ models (50’ and over) built at CNB since 1999. It thus seemed only natural to turn towards this internationally respected yard to develop a “custom” Lagoon branch for those sailors who dream of a truly unique catamaran, even more luxurious and built according to their expectations.
    CNB was founded in 1987 and became one of the world’s references for superyachts building, due to the quality of their construction and finish, be it in aluminium or in high tech composite.
    These two materials are distinguished by their respective qualities. Reflecting the owners and designers preferences and sailing programme, one or the other technology becomes obvious for each project. CNB’s perfect knowledge of these different materials and technical processes gives their clients the significant advantage of being able to choose the one best adapted to their programme.
    The world’s most famous names in naval architecture became associated with CNB to build dream yachts that often won prestigious international awards:
    We are thus very proud to present some exclusive sailing and power custom catamaran projects to you, imagined for Lagoon by some of the world’s most respected yacht designers: VPLP (Van Peteghem-Lauriot Prévost), Philippe Briand, Bill Dixon, Morrelli & Melvin (for Aeroyacht) and Berret-Racoupeau Yacht Design.
    We hope you enjoy these custom Lagoons. As with all “one offs”, their dimensions and accommodations layout are defined according to your programme and preferences. We are at your complete disposal to answer your questions.

    The Lagoon and CNB teams

    Lagoon Custom brochure



    Acquiring a yacht often has a lot to do with passion: Being able to rely on experienced, trustworthy professionals is therefore extremely important.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions.

    E mail:
    Telephone (direct): + 33 (0)557 80 85 57
    CNB - 162 quai de Brazza - CS 81217 - 33072 Bordeaux cedex

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